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Birthday CD Favours

Every year I look forward to my children’s birthdays almost as much as they do. What’s the theme going to be? Who are we inviting? What kind of food are we going to serve, decorations etc.? I know, nerdy right? But I’m sure you’re right there with me when it comes to your own kids. My daughter was turning three, and being in daycare meant she had a lot of friends, so we made it easy on ourselves and rented Playground Paradise and asked our neighbourhood musician “Music Tim” to join us. (We had used him for every birthday since we discovered him 3 years prior). In an effort to go green and not give the kids junk from China, I hand-made custom CDs containing a few of Tim’s songs and few from my co-worker Ben Harris. The kids loved them and I think the parents appreciated some new original music to listen to.

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