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Posts tagged ‘driftwood’

I’m a Drifter | Driftwood Wreath

This one is a DIY project that gave me great joy. Usually getting the supplies is just a task. In the case of my driftwood wreath it involved combing the beach of my beloved Sherkston shores around sunset, together with my little 3-year-old helper. Putting it together a few months later involved jazz music, a bottle of wine and my fave partner in DIY crime: mr. drill. Kid in bed and husband away on business. Me just DIY humming…

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Driftwood Coat Hanger

No matter how hard we try, Mother Nature still beats us at creating the most lovely pieces. Jan is one of those people who realized it and works with it. This time: a  fantastic cottage feature made of driftwood – as decorative as it is functional. Thanks for sharing again Jan, we love your work.

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