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Posts tagged ‘Backyard’

Junk to Funk | Bistro Set Reno

When I saw the pile of rusty iron on the lawn of the neighbour’s garage sale, I saw potential. The potential for a lovely retro bistro set bringing new life and purpose to my front porch. I imagined freshly brewed coffee, the paper and early morning rays of sun. I paid $15 for the table and 2 chairs, invested another $25 in paint and outdoor fabric and a few hours of labour later my porch dreams were reality.

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Feed the Birds | Kids’ Craft

It’s been so cold and icy lately that my kids have been going a bit bananas, waiting for slightly warmer temperatures so that they can go outside and play. We’ve been noticing that the poor birds have been flitting about, looking hungry and sad. My kids and I felt so bad for them that we decided to make some bird feeders – just to help them out a bit. And to put those idle hands to good use!

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DIY Herb Gardens we love!

I’ve been talking about growing my own herbs for probably the last year, but with the arrival of a baby in April I STILL haven’t found the time to come up with a plan for my herb garden and actually make it happen. And now that it’s August, I’m thinking it’s probably best for me to push this project to the top of the list for next Spring. That said, being the mom of a newborn means that I’ve spent endless hours nursing these past few months and I’ve kept myself entertained by surfing the web and browsing Pinterest on my iPhone (what did women do back in the day without their smartphones!?!).  I’ve pulled together a few of my favourite ideas for growing your own herbs. Not only is a herb garden functional (never again will you spend money on a large bushel of dill only to use 1 tablespoon in a salad dressing and have the rest go to waste), herb gardens are also a great way to decorate your kitchen, deck, patio or porch with some greenery.

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Picnic Basket

With all these wonderful sunny days, it’s a great time for a picnic. We had all the treats and drinks, but nothing to put them in. So, I thought I’d get crafty and transform and old, empty diaper box into a picnic basket. With the material and trimmings I chose, it’s a bit glitzy – sort of “Liberace goes picnicking,” but you can choose material to make it your own, and tamp down the fabulousness a bit.

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