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Gay Paris | Vacation inspired art!

One of my more memorable vacations was our amazing trip to Paris when our daughter was just six months old. She was young enough to nap a lot and when she was awake she happily played with her toys in the stroller. The best part? Parents with young children get to skip the line at museums! When we got back I was inspired enough to create two pieces for her room from our trip using just a couple of Ikea frames, a few sheets of scrap book paper and some acrylic paint!

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Make your own customizable art | Easy DIY Kids Nursery Art

When we were having our first child we looked around for inspiration for artwork. We didn’t know the baby’s sex, so we didn’t want to pigeon-hole ourselves with something too sweet or too boyish. At the time, scrapbooking was pretty huge and I LOVED all of the patterns available. So I came up with this idea for ABC art. This artwork is easily customizable to match the decor of your child’s room by simply picking scrapbook paper that matches your colour scheme.

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Rag Doll | Basic Sewing

My daughter turned 2 recently, and I wracked my brain over her gift. She has tons of clothes and the relatives get her even more clothes and all the latest name-brand toys. Plastic toys, with whirring sounds and automated coos, flashing lights and sound effects are all very exciting for her. But, a couple of months (days?) later she has set them off to the side and is playing with a cardboard box or something. We got her a few gifts, but I wanted to make something for her. Something that she would keep for years. I made her a little girl doll and she loves it! Hugging it and giving it kisses are a big part of her day. It’s a pretty wacky looking doll, but at least she can say that no-one else has one like it. I’m envisioning it sitting on her bed at 16, as she says to everyone who comes into her room, “Look at the weird doll my Mom made me when I was a kid.”

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