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Posts tagged ‘Artwork Display’

Gay Paris | Vacation inspired art!

One of my more memorable vacations was our amazing trip to Paris when our daughter was just six months old. She was young enough to nap a lot and when she was awake she happily played with her toys in the stroller. The best part? Parents with young children get to skip the line at museums! When we got back I was inspired enough to create two pieces for her room from our trip using just a couple of Ikea frames, a few sheets of scrap book paper and some acrylic paint!

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New Year, New Look | DIY Shelf Display

Beat the January blahs by creating an awesome display of your knick knacks, books and frames. It’s budget-friendly, do-it-yourself home decorating at its best.

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DIY Pinboard | Painted Herringbone

Continuing with Robin’s room, here’s an easy project that is both decorative and functional. A pinboard is not only a great way to display your child’s artwork – it’s a spot for items of importance like photos, party invitations, souvenirs and mementos.

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Custom Picture Ledge made from Crown Moulding

A design feature I think looks really neat is a picture ledge that crosses an entire wall or a large part of it above a couch, sideboard or other wide piece of furniture.  It is a modern and clean, sleek look but allows for plenty of flexibility in terms of organizing, reorganizing and remixing your artwork and photos. For my new cottage, I wanted to do the same and had considered buying  a couple of ledges from Ikea and using them in a row, something I have done in the past for the baby room.  However, a few things I don’t like about doing it that way are: 1) it is not a seamless connection and you can clearly see the ledge is made of various ledges in a row, and (2) it is never the exact size that would be ideal above a specific couch. I decided to make my own. When I was browsing the wood section of Home Depot, my  eye was caught by the vast collection of crown moulding and I had a DIY AHA moment: some variations of crown moulding would make for the ideal ledge as they would have the built-in “outer ridge” which would prevent the frames from sliding off the narrow “shelf.”

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