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Posts from the ‘Kids’ Stuff’ Category

Lucky Pinata!

I love a pinata! I find the store-bought ones are made of hard cardboard, they’re difficult to bust open, and they’re just no fun! If you have a few minutes a couple of days, they’re very simple to make and you’re left with a feeling of artistic accomplishment. For my son’s game-themed birthday this year, I decided to roll the dice and create this pinata.

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Let the Countdown Begin | Match Box Advent Calendar

It’s that time again…time for the Advent Calendar! This week and next, we’ll have a look back at a couple of fabulous DIY Advent Calendar ideas by Liesbeth. And the countdown begins! Read more

Making Shorts School Appropriate

Today is forecast to be 20 degrees, so there will probably be some warm schools out there. The older kids may want to wear their shorts, but sometimes those comfy Summer shorts are deemed unacceptable for school. What to do? Colleen has the solution.

By: Colleen Seto

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Paper-Quilled Butterflies

As we reach the end of our top 5 list, we celebrate a simple but lovely little craft. Our #5 most popular post is Paper-Quilled Butterflies. We hope you enjoyed this look back! Please check in next week when we will return with new projects for you and your home. Read more