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Hand-painting Fabric

I was looking for some fabric for a tiny bathroom window curtain in the cottage, but could not find the exact colour scheme I was looking for. So, I decided to make my own using a Martha Stewart stencil and fabric paint. So easy. So good. Imagine making your own tea towels or pillows using this technique!!

By: Liesbeth

Note: I am not providing a pattern for the curtain in this post because it is so specific. I wanted to share the hand-painting part of the project to inspire you for any of your own projects from tea towels to pillows to curtains to fabric baskets to [insert your new project].

Tools & Materials

  • Fabric
  • Stencil (Martha Stewart at Michaels)
  • Fabric paint (or plain old acrylic paint!)
  • Brush

Step by Step

Cut fabric to size of your project.


Overlay stencil.


Carefully paint in dabbing motions. Make sure to keep stencil in place and not get any paint under the edges.


Leave for about 10 minutes and then remove stencil when paint is still tacky.


Only then complete any sewing part of your project (because you want to do your painting part of the project on perfectly flat (one layer of) fabric.


And here is my little curtain hanging in the cottage:


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  1. Love it!

    June 26, 2014

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