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Posts tagged ‘patio’

Light in the Summer Night | DIY Recycled Candles

I am burning mosquito repellent candles like nobody’s business in my backyard heaven but was getting annoyed by having to throw out all the half-finished candles. Because of the way candles burn, you just always seem left with no wick or a drowned wick and 1/3 of the wax left in a sorry, twisted shape. I decided to recycle it all and make new candles and was surprised how dead simple the process is.

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Backyard Reno | Stone and Glass-Top Patio Table

I decided life would not be worth living without a “cocktail” area in my backyard. Since I am so lucky to have a substantial backyard, I can pretty much do whatever I want here without many size limitations. On the flipside, it has become a multi-year project. But in steady-eddie-style I do a few big projects each year, slowly working my way towards the back of the yard – creating my little slice of heaven in the city, bit by bit. Year 1: patio, dining area and garden plots, year 2: sods and flower beds. This year: a second seating area, named “The Cocktail Area” which provides me with a great excuse to drink cocktails at least a few times a week.

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