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Garden Implement Jewelry Holder

All my necklaces were hidden away in a dark drawer and I had to poke through a bunch of boxes to find one I wanted to wear. Fortuitously, my rake broke and I thought, “hmmm……”

By: Jodi

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Mother’s Day Redux

As it’s less than a week from Mother’s Day, it’s the perfect time to look back at some of The Motherboards’ projects that would make wonderful gifts for Mom.  Read more

Looped Cord Necklace

I love lots of glitter and flash as much as the next girl, but I also have a soft spot for carefully crafted, minimal pieces of jewelry. I recently had literally 20 minutes to attempt trying on an entire Cos shop on a business trip and, as I ran by the accessories, I drooled over their striking yet minimal statement necklaces. Unfortunately in the few minutes I had, snap decisions had to be made and I regretted walking away from this piece. Plus, let’s face it, the Euro is not so kind on the exchange. Here’s my spin on the one (plastic tube necklace) that got away.

By: Tracy

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