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Easy Icing for Cookies | Kid’s Baking

Decorating cookies is a fun and festive activity for you and the kiddos no matter what holiday you celebrate. Here’s a quick and easy recipe to make your own icing and some inspiration on how to decorate.

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BBQ Spice Rub | Father’s Day Gift

I had planned on skipping Father’s Day this year (looong story which involved a very lame Mother’s day), however the reality is that I love celebrating holidays and I want my daughters to have an appreciation for them too. And although my husband sucks when it comes to Mother’s Day (yes Kyle, now the whole world knows it!), my husband is a great dad and he deserves a special day of recognition.

I wanted Robin to get involved with her Dad’s gift and since she loves helping me bake so much, I found a gift idea that fit both Kyle’s love of barbecuing and her love of measuring spoons perfectly – a BBQ spice rub!

We got up yesterday and spent the morning discussing Father’s Day, spices and shopping. By the time we got to the Bulk Food store, Robin was over-the-moon, talking about spices and how she would stir them together in her bowl. You’d think we were going to be baking cupcakes by the amount of enthusiasm she had! After lunch and a quick nap, I couldn’t hold her back any longer – it was time to break out the measuring spoons. We used a recipe from a really fun cooking blog – My Life as a Mrs. This blog has delicious recipes and is a good read!  After stirring all the ingredients together, a trip to Dollarama to find jars, and a quick one-handed Photoshop label design (while holding a fussy baby) – our spice rub gifts were complete.

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Littlest Pet Shop | Birthday Invitations

My daughter has, over the past year, eased herself out of princesses and into horses, Littlest Pet Shop and Lego. This year’s birthday theme was to be Littlest Pet Shop. Having looked at what was available to purchase, the DIY’er in me decided I could do better. Starting with the invitations, I brainstormed what these could be and settled on dog bone-shaped cookies.

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