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Christmas Wall Gallery

Just for fun, we’re going to do another countdown – this time for Christmas/Holiday posts. Our top 3 Christmas/Winter Holiday posts will appear these three weeks before the winter holiday – plenty of time to get creative before your celebration! We start with the #1 most popular Winter holiday post, Kimberly’s Christmas Wall Gallery. Read more

The Fearless Gallery Wall

There have been a few gallery wall features on The Motherboards, not to mention countless tutorials and *inspiration boards* online. This is not another post about that, but more of a pep talk to get art on your walls STAT.

By Jessica Read more

DIY Wall Art… on the cheap

Looking for a budget-friendly way to spruce up the walls in your home? Inexpensive frames paired with giftwrap or wall paper, gives a modern, high-end look, and won’t break the bank!

By: Kimberly Read more