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Posts tagged ‘artwork display’

DIY Pinboard | Painted Herringbone

Continuing with Robin’s room, here’s an easy project that is both decorative and functional. A pinboard is not only a great way to display your child’s artwork – it’s a spot for items of importance like photos, party invitations, souvenirs and mementos.

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Custom Picture Ledge made from Crown Moulding

A design feature I think looks really neat is a picture ledge that crosses an entire wall or a large part of it above a couch, sideboard or other wide piece of furniture.  It is a modern and clean, sleek look but allows for plenty of flexibility in terms of organizing, reorganizing and remixing your artwork and photos. For my new cottage, I wanted to do the same and had considered buying  a couple of ledges from Ikea and using them in a row, something I have done in the past for the baby room.  However, a few things I don’t like about doing it that way are: 1) it is not a seamless connection and you can clearly see the ledge is made of various ledges in a row, and (2) it is never the exact size that would be ideal above a specific couch. I decided to make my own. When I was browsing the wood section of Home Depot, my  eye was caught by the vast collection of crown moulding and I had a DIY AHA moment: some variations of crown moulding would make for the ideal ledge as they would have the built-in “outer ridge” which would prevent the frames from sliding off the narrow “shelf.”

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